Ubisoft Opening Theme Park and Entertainment Center

Gaming companies have been branching out into other industries in an effort to appeal to more people and Ubisoft has found an interesting way to celebrate its properties. Ubisoft recently confirmed interest in blockchain games, but it’s also working on an Entertainment Center and theme park.

Ubisoft recently announced that it will be opening its first Entertainment Center in 2025 and the company intends to build a theme park around the Entertainment Center shortly afterward. The Ubisoft Entertainment Center will be located at Studios Occitanie Mediterranee in France and if the park is successful, Ubisoft has already teased more locations for the future. The park will be a 40 minute drive from Montpellier in France and it will include a professional film studio, several entertainment offerings, retail, dining, and hospitality.


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It’s currently unclear what the rides will be like at Ubisoft’s theme park, but they’ll be themed around various Ubisoft properties. Some games that may be celebrated in Ubisoft’s future theme park include Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Just Dance, Rayman, Riders Republicthe Rabbids which already have their own park, Splinter Celland Watch Dogs. Ubisoft will also be partnering with design and production company Storyland Studios, as well as Alterface’s Wander technology.

Nintendo opened Super Nintendo World theme parks after significant anticipation, with pandemic regulations impacting operating hours at the Japanese location. Universal Studios Japan currently remains the only park with Super Nintendo World, but more are under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood which opens in the near future, and Universal Studios Singapore and Universal’s Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort are both expected to open in 2025.

Ubisoft is one of the big gaming companies that also recently confirmed interest in creating blockchain games that dabble in non-fungible tokens. Although Ubisoft has yet to confirm what its blockchain games may look like or what kind of NFTs fans can expect from them, some Ubisoft gamers are anticipating that the games will be popular. Phil Spencer recently stated Xbox is looking at NFTs as a potential idea for future games, but that Xbox currently sees non-fungible tokens as exploitative.

With several Nintendo fans already enthusiastic about Super Nintendo World, it will be interesting to see how Ubisoft fans take to the upcoming Entertainment Center and theme park. Although the first park is set to open in France, Ubisoft suggests a number of locations coming in the future without specifying where they’ll be. Considering Super Nintendo World quickly underwent construction in the US since opening in Japan, Ubisoft gamers may see a location open in North America in the near future.

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Source: IGN

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