Thousand return for lively gaming convention

Gen Con is a multisensory weekend getaway paradise for gamers, anime and manga lovers, artists, authors and nearly anyone with an interest in well-crafted world-building, fantasy and creativity.

Beyond the noise and chatter of hundreds of games and gamers riding the high of the convention sat Baltimore native Cait May. Hidden in the back of an expansive room full of gaming companies hocking everything from comics to plushies to dice and live gameplay was the Art Fair and Author Alley. May’s booth, Cait May Illustration, sat tucked neatly at the very end of a long line of artist tables.

Shimmering keychains, stickers, buttons and magnets lined her table and fantastical, colorful artwork was pinned to the walls behind her as she animatedly talked with guests and passersby about her graphic novel entitled “Another Kind” and the Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting she wrote called “Dust.”

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