The 5 best gaming GPUs of 2022

Video memory: 24GB | Max display support: 4 screens | Display connections: 2x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort | Shipset: Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series | Max resolution output: 8K | Interface: PCI Express 4.0

If money is no object on your quest to build the ultimate gaming rig or upgrade your current build, the Asus Strix GeForce RTX 3090 is an almost perfect option for a top-tier GPU. While the card can cost anywhere between $1300 and $2000 depending on the retailer, that kind of cash pretty much guarantees that your rig is going to be fairly future-proofed. The card has a truly impressive 24GB of VRAM and an overclockable speed of 1860MHz for the very best performance and rendering capabilities.

It’s capable of 8K video output and handles 1440p or 4K gaming with ease, letting you stay abreast of the most graphically intense triple-A titles. Along with DirectX 12 Ultimate and DLSS support, the GPU itself uses artificial intelligence in tandem with its 3rd generation tensor cores to analyze your games scene-by-scene for the best detailing, color, and contrast possible; and the 2nd generation raytracing cores create some of the most realistic shadows and lighting for incredibly lifelike images. The triple-fan cooling system uses an alternating rotation pattern to improve air pressure and better draw waste heat away from delicate circuitry. They also work with a dual BIOS button so you can quickly and easily switch between performance and quiet modes without any special software. You can even connect chassis fans to the card for increased air circulation through your PC case to keep everything running at lower temperatures.

The front edge of the card features an LED strip with addressable RGB lighting so you can coordinate colors and lighting schemes across your components and peripherals or show off your personal style. The LED strip also acts as an alert system, turning solid red if there are any issues with voltage or power flow so you can immediately spot issues and troubleshoot solutions. With 2 HDMI ports and 3 DisplayPort inputs, you have plenty of options for connecting up to 4 monitors for the ultimate battlestation. And if all of this wasn’t enough, the RTX 3090 still supports Nvidia’s NVLink, allowing you to tether two cards together for a, frankly, ridiculously powerful gaming rig.


  • NVLink support
  • 24GB VRAM
  • Dual BIOS for fan speed
  • LED indicator light for power issues


  • Truly massive card (12.5 x 5.5 inches)
  • Power hungry
  • Cost prohibitive

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