Improve the network in Scranton? That’s Done-der-Mifflin.

Happy Friday, V Team! On today’s episode of Up To Speed, host Raquel Wilson took us through a recap of all the topics we covered this week on Up To Speed ​​and shared some exciting announcements. The ultimate recap Raquel reminded viewers about our recent RootMetrics win, the Pixel 6A launch and National Intern Day, … Read more

Microsoft And Sony Are Looking At Ads On Free To Play Video Game

Microsoft and Sony are reportedly planning to add advertising in some of their free-to-play video … [+] games by the end of this year. getty Last month it was reported that both Microsoft and Sony have been considering bringing ads to some of their free-to-play video games on Xbox and PlayStation. An Insider article said … Read more

Fortnite Adds More Street Fighter Skins

Epic Games is continuing Fortnite’s growing Street Fighter collaboration this week with two more skins from the fighting franchise coming to the battle royale game. After first adding both Ryu and Chun-Li last year and then Cammy and Guile afterwards, Epic Games and Capcom partnered once more to introduce Blanka and Sakura skins. Each of … Read more

Halo Infinite Reveals 2022 Roadmap

Halo Infinite’s long-awaited 2022 roadmap finally arrived this week to preview what’s planned from now until the end of the year. Nearer events and features planned for the coming months are more specifically laid out in the roadmap while those further along in Season 3 are spoken about more generally with things like “New Maps” … Read more

Warzone Releases April 19 Update, Patch Notes Revealed

Activision finally added Call of Duty: Warzone’s long-awaited Snoop Dogg content this week, but that’s far from the only thing the battle royale game got. An update was released, too, with some shifts made for the public events accessed within Warzone matches. This update did not, however, contain any major balance changes or adjustments of … Read more

RGB Gaming Centennial Invitational – An Educational Gaming Experience

Education and gaming are two things we don’t often think could meet, in fact, they’re often not even thought of in the same landmass. It used to be that concepts like gaming and education were so far separated they were thought to be alien to each other, with a limited likeness and even more limited … Read more

Fallout 76 Releases April 12 Update, Patch Notes Revealed

Fallout 76’s latest update dropped this week, but for those expecting a set of patch notes full of big changes and new features, you’ll have to keep waiting. Bethesda’s new Fallout 76 update is a lighter one in terms of its contents with every part of it devoted to bugfixes for various parts of the … Read more

Sea of ​​Thieves Releases April 7 Update, Patch Notes Revealed

Sea of ​​Thieves got its latest update this week as part of Season Six with several new events, improvements, cosmetics, and more for players to check out. The update in question which was the 2.5.1 patch released on April 7 was a fairly sizable one as far as updates for the game go which meant … Read more

Next Fallout 76 Update Gets a Release Date

Fallout 76’s Next update releases in just a few days, Bethesda announced this week. That update will drop on April 12th, and with it will come a swathe of new bugfixes as well as some extra items being added to the Atom Shop. That’s about all it’ll have, however, with Bethesda tempering expectations ahead of … Read more