Lawyer To Pay Activision For Not Playing Call Of Duty

Uh, say what now?Image: Infinity Ward A lawsuit against Activision Blizzard was dismissed last month because, according to a judge in the Southern California District Court where the complaint was brought, the plaintiffs didn’t play enough Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to make an informed case against the maligned publisher. For once in Activision Blizzard’s … Read more

Elden Ring Tool Helps You Choose The Best Gear For Magic Builds

Screenshot: FromSoftware A new, player-created Elden Ring calculator allows you to easily figure out Which seal or staff you should be using to sling magic, providing you with an optimum catalyst for your incantations and sorceries by simplifying one of the game’s most daunting math problems. While sometimes Elden Ring‘s perplexities add to the experience, … Read more

Overwatch 2 And Diablo 4 Maker Blizzard Says No To NFTs

Image: Blizzard While some companies are doubling down on the lucrative scam behind NFTs, others are trying to head off any association right from the start. After an Activision Blizzard survey went out polling players on their interest in the blockchain technology, Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra was quick to shoot down speculation of whether the … Read more

These Elden Ring Players Ignore Armor Stats In Favor Of Fashion

Forget Elden Lord, I’m tryna get that Elden Bling.Image: MarkMan23 / Indeimaus / MenasLG / Kotaku You would think the importance of wearing the best battle-ready equipment you can find for the frenetic combat crucible of a Souls game is obvious. For the most part, it is. Whether running through the gothic world of Bloodborne … Read more

Officially Licensed Formula 1 ‘Ethereum NFT Game’ Shuts Down

Image: F1 Delta Time F1 Delta Time, an official NFT and crypto-powered racing game that launched back in 2019, closed its doors last month. This leaves Everyone who had spent money and invested in the project probably wishing they had done something else with their time. The game—which was one of the first licensed NFT … Read more

Nintendo Pushes Back Switch War Game Over Ukraine Invasion

Image: Nintendo Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp no longer has a release date. Nintendo announced today it’s pushing back the Switch game’s launch as a result of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. The news comes as many other gaming companies have instituted bans of certain products in Russia as the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold. … Read more

The Best (And Worst) Gaming April Fools’ Jokes For 2022

Image: Innersloth April Fools’ is finally upon us, or as our UK editor John Walker likes to call it: “International Lying Day.” Never fear, readers. We Kotaku bloggers are vigilantly keeping alert for any announcements that seem a little bit too good or too weird to be true. Not me, though. Some April Fools’ jokes … Read more

Tokyo Has One Of The Coolest Healing Systems Around

Ghostwire: Tokyothe cool new Tango Gameworks project about chatting up spirits and fighting ghastly humanoids, has managed to pull me away from Elden Ring. It’s a nice reprieve. Ghostwire is nowhere near as hard as FromSoftware’s latest Souls-like. So rather than roaming a vast, haunting open world and getting absolutely decimated by melancholy monstrosities in … Read more

Pokémon-Like NFT Game Axie Infinity Scammed Out Of $600 Million

Image: Sky Mavis Pokémon-style NFT battler Axie Infinity was one of the biggest “successstories in the world of crypto gaming. Now it’s responsible for one of the biggest thefts in the history of the technology. The gaming-focused blockchain Ronin Network announced earlier today that an Axie Infinity exploit allowed a hacker to “drain” roughly $600 … Read more

Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Revamp To Rival Xbox Game Pass

Photo: T3 Magazine (Getty Images) Forget “Netflix for games” for a sec. The conversation to watch this week is “Hulu for games.” Yes, Sony has finally lifted the curtain on its eagerly anticipated overhaul of PS Plus and PS Now, formerly known under the code name “Spartacus.” The new service has three tiers, the middle … Read more