#ThisWeekOnITP: Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Trends, Verizon to Raise Wireless Plan Prices, and More!

(Photo : BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) It is Sunday once more and you what time it is? It is time for that weekly rundown of the top stories here on iTech Post in the past week. Welcome to #ThisWeekOnITP! This week, it seems, is all about what trended on Twitter. Two of the five … Read more

Microsoft And Sony Are Looking At Ads On Free To Play Video Game

Microsoft and Sony are reportedly planning to add advertising in some of their free-to-play video … [+] games by the end of this year. getty Last month it was reported that both Microsoft and Sony have been considering bringing ads to some of their free-to-play video games on Xbox and PlayStation. An Insider article said … Read more

Fortnite Adds More Street Fighter Skins

Epic Games is continuing Fortnite’s growing Street Fighter collaboration this week with two more skins from the fighting franchise coming to the battle royale game. After first adding both Ryu and Chun-Li last year and then Cammy and Guile afterwards, Epic Games and Capcom partnered once more to introduce Blanka and Sakura skins. Each of … Read more

‘Most Social Ecosystem On The Planet’: Roblox’s New Generation Of Makers And Buyers

This week, The Drum’s Digital Transformation Festival brings together industry leaders to put digital trends under the microscope. In one panel, we sat down with three experts in gaming and youth audiences to investigate whether the video game platform Roblox contains within it the seeds of a brave new world of community-based marketing – or … Read more

What Fortnite and World of Warcraft Can Teach Us About the Metaverse

“Over the coming decades, the metaverse has the potential to become a multi-trillion-dollar part of the world economy,” Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently said. We’ve all read a dozen similar statements on the massive future of the metaverse, but Sweeney has more insight than most. Epic is the gaming company behind the Unreal Engine, … Read more

Fortnite Update Nerfs Several Weapons, Removes Features from Competitive

Fortnite received a hotfix on Wednesday which included nerfs for several weapons as well as a big change for the game’s Titan tanks. Four different weapons – the Combat SMG, Stinger SMG, MK7 Assault Rifle, and Combat Assault Rifle – were all nerfed to various degrees across all of the game’s playlists. The tanks players … Read more

Fortnite Rumor Hints at Moon Knight Skin

Although many more people are surely looking forward to Moon Knight’s debut on Disney+ this week, it sounds like the Marvel hero could also end up coming to Fortnite in the future as well. More than any other company, Marvel has shown that it is willing to partner with Epic Games on a regular basis … Read more

Best games like PUBG Mobile: BGMI, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire MAX, and more

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has had one of the biggest impacts on the Indian gaming landscape. While the PC version is not as popular, the mobile version was a monumental success in the country with millions of players hooked onto the game ever since its arrival. However, just after two years of its launch, PUBG … Read more

Fortnite Could Be Adding Popular Apex Legends Feature

Fortnite developer Epic Games has frequently taken inspiration from other online multiplayer games, including Apex Legends. When Fortnite first added Reboot Vans in 2019, the feature seemed to be inspired by the Respawn Beacons from Apex Legends. Apex Legends also has Mobile Respawn Beacons, but that option does not currently exist in Fortnite. According to … Read more

Fortnite Adds “Classic” Mary Jane Watson Outfit

Over the last few months, Fortnite has been adding a lot of characters from the Spider-Man universe, spanning both the films and the comics. Last year saw the addition of the MCU’s Michelle “MJ” Jones, but now the game has added “Classic” Mary Jane Watson, based on the character’s original John Romita Sr. design. The … Read more