Elden Ring Tool Helps You Choose The Best Gear For Magic Builds

Screenshot: FromSoftware A new, player-created Elden Ring calculator allows you to easily figure out Which seal or staff you should be using to sling magic, providing you with an optimum catalyst for your incantations and sorceries by simplifying one of the game’s most daunting math problems. While sometimes Elden Ring‘s perplexities add to the experience, … Read more

These Elden Ring Players Ignore Armor Stats In Favor Of Fashion

Forget Elden Lord, I’m tryna get that Elden Bling.Image: MarkMan23 / Indeimaus / MenasLG / Kotaku You would think the importance of wearing the best battle-ready equipment you can find for the frenetic combat crucible of a Souls game is obvious. For the most part, it is. Whether running through the gothic world of Bloodborne … Read more

Elden Ring Players Discover Interesting Feature Cut From the Game

In Elden Ring, players encounter a number of unique and awesome enemies. It seems that FromSoftware may have had cut plans for those opponents, and dataminers have uncovered some interesting hints about what might have been. On Twitter, @JesterPatches shared images from the game’s files that they originally believed pointed to plans for a bestiary. … Read more

Elden Ring Players Want a Secret Boss Nerf Reverted

Elden Ring’s 1.03 patch was a pretty extensive one that affected PvP and PvE content alike, but it looks like not everything was documented in the patch notes. Players have discovered that one boss just isn’t the same as they were before following the release of that update, and in a change of pace from … Read more

Elden Ring’s Mimic Tear Nerf Makes No Sense

Elden Ring’s latest update dropped this week, and with it came a swath of buffs and nerfs for different tools. Most of the changes were pretty agreeable with some builds that were 100% busted getting fixed or nerfed, but one change stood out in particular: The Mimic Tear nerf. It was – and probably will … Read more

New PETA Video Offers Elden Ring Gameplay Advice

Elden Ring is one of the absolute hottest games in the world right now, and that’s something that hasn’t escaped the attention of PETA. In an attempt to gain some attention, the controversial animal rights group released a new video centered around the game, and that players can be respectful to its animal inhabitants. The … Read more

7 immersive role-playing games to get lost in

One of the best forms of digital escape comes in the form of role-playing games. Starting from its humble tablet origins, the genre has grown and evolved into one of the best storytelling mediums, offering hours of immersion as you explore, fight, and guide your protagonist through a world of adventures. Each entry comes with … Read more

Elden Ring Players Call Out Game for Missing Basic Feature

Elden Ring has a 96 on Metacritic, making it one of the highest-rated games of all time. Suffice to say, it doesn’t just do a lot of things right, but it absolutely nails almost everything it sets out to do. That said, just like FromSoftware’s previous work — Dark Souls, Bloodborneand Sekiro — there’s plenty … Read more