Data Frog Vibration Controller Wired USB PC Joystick For PC Computer Laptop For WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10 USB Gamepad




Super Classic Mini Game Console for SNES SFC

Retro Game System, It was a popular TV game console in the1980s.It has collected 3000+ classic SNES SFC games,which bring you to your childhood immediately. It can support Russian and Portuguese Language Games.This game console allows you to get everything you need for a perfect classic video game experience at home.

Multifunction Baby Tablet(0.5-12Ages)

This is an English language education learning machine with 5 sections, the first is English alphabet learning, the second is numbers learning, the third is geometric figures, the fourth is painting and music, and the fifth is Plates are puzzle games. It is a learning game machine that combines education and entertainment.It can further exercise children’s logical thinking and can tap children’s artistic creation and appreciation ability.Which is a wise choice for mothers and a good companion for babies to grow up!


Dear friend,Welcome to DATA FROG Global Store!I wish you a pleasant shopping time. Due to time differences, we may not be able to reply to your message in time, but you can normally get coupons and place orders. We will send your order within {48/72 hours}. If you have any urgent questions, you can try to leave us a message multiple times, we will try our best to reply in the shortest time and provide you with the corresponding solutions. Thanks for your patience!

Q: If you choose to ship from the local country, how long will it take to arrive?

A: Russia:1-3 days, 3-9 days in remote areas.
Spain:1-2 days.

Q: If you think there is a problem with the product, or you don’t like the product, how can you solve it?

A: Please contact the customer service of the store as soon as possible. In addition,there are 16 countries support “Free Return”,product page displays the ”Free Return” service label,which can No reason Local Return to get a Full Refund within 15 days after confirming receipt.

Q:How to test whether the handle works normally?

A:You need to connect to a computer for detection. After connecting to the computer, open [Device and Print], find the icon of the game controller in the [Device] column, right-click, select [Game Controller Settings] in the menu, and then click the [Properties] button , Under the [Test] tab, we can test whether the buttons of the handle work normally.

Note: Before checking the handle, first check whether the computer’s system version is applicable,After inserting the controller into the computer,if the controller cannot be detected, it may be because the computer lacks a driver. Driver download link:

Q:Why can’t the controller play XXX games?

A:Please check whether the game itself supports handle mode, you can check it through Google.

Q:The game itself supports handle control, why some buttons of the handle cannot be used?

A:Because everyone’s operating habits are different, not all games match the buttons of all controllers by default. You need to set and adjust in the game yourself. If you can’t adjust the adjustment in the game. You need to download a third-party handle button mapping tool program to control, such as (Xpadder). Each country does have a more suitable program, please Google it yourself.

Q:The game itself does not support the controller, but I still want to use the controller to play, how should I operate it?

A:You need to download a third-party handle button mapping tool program to control, such as (Xpadder). Each country has its own more suitable program, please Google it yourself.

Q:Can this controller be used for PUBG, Fortnite, and so on?

A:These games themselves do not support our game devices. You need to download a third-party handle button mapping tool, or download the corresponding game through the handle game platform APP in order to play with the handle. Each country has its own more suitable handle game platform APP, please Google it yourself.

HD Video Game Console for PS1/SNES

Open Linux source code system,built-in 3000+/10000+ games for PS1/ATARI/MAME/SFC/FC/GBA/GB/GBC/MD.Support search for games, collect games,save game progress and add games by yourselves.

4K TV Retro Video Game Console for SEGA

3500+ Retro Games for FC/SFC/GBA/SEGA/MAME.Support save game progress and add games by yourselves and collect games.

Wired USB Vibration Gamepad

The trigger button is ergonomically designed with a curved design and pressure sensing for maximum comfort. This handle we designed a vibration motor, when you are playing a racing game, the brake drift action is more exciting! Immerse yourself in a happy game and can’t extricate yourself! Happy games make you forget your troubles! DATA FROG game gamepad – you deserve it!

The gamepad needs to be installed together with the driver! You can send us the information in the payment order, leave us your email account, and we will send you the driver software!

This controller is compatible with Windows/95/98/ME/2000/XP Vista/Win7/Win10.

Regarding whether it can work normally in win10

This wired controller supports win10. If it does not work properly, it may be because the computer lacks a driver.

If the controller cannot be found in the program detection after inserting the controller into the computer, the computer may lack a driver (most computers are installed by default). If the game itself is matched with the controller, you can directly play the game.

In addition, the controller does not support playing XBOX games directly on the computer, nor can it directly play games on the steam platform. If you want to use our controller to play these games, you need to install a third-party program to map the keyboard to the controller, such as JoyToKey or Xpadder. For specific methods, please refer to Google.

Analog+Digital Dual Fighting Setting

Give you a USB gamepad, you only need one computer to meet your requirements, although the time has been long, but still warm! Take you back to childhood and feel the blood of our year!This controller is suitable for many new and old PC games. High-precision 360° rocker for precise positioning.

1.5 Meter High Speed Cable

We have always focused on the quality of our products. The process requirements are very demanding. The buttons on all parts are made of high quality materials and have a long service life! Plug and play! Comes with a 1.5-meter USB cable to protect the signal from high-speed transmission!

Comfortable Controller

The sleek design of the controller is ergonomically designed to give a very comfortable feel! The most important thing is to fit the hand shape of many buyers, and continue to use it without being tired!

Package include:

2pcs * Wired USB Game Controller

1pcs * Wired USB Game Controller

What is the difference between the two models of gamepads?

USB Dual Vibrator Wired Gamepad

Wired Controller Support Plug and Play.Asymmetric vibrating motor enhances immersion in games.Each hit, crash and explosion can be vividly felt. Also you can adjust the Motor vibration intensity.

Compatible With Multiple Platforms

Wired USB Game Pad Controller Works with Windows, Vista, TV box, PS3, Tesla and Android 4.0 or above with OTG function.Great improvements on grips and contours, make it closer to ergonomics and fit your hands more comfortably. Bring you a consistent and maximum comfort gaming experience.

Dual Vibrators

Game Controller Vibration Motors are embedded in the side grips to provide unique feedback and enhance the immersion and reality of the game scene

Easy Operate

This Wired Controller is with a 5.91 feet USB cable which help extend the moving. It’s quite simple to operate, just plug the Wired Controller into one of the two USB ports on the front of the console for ps3, or connect to your computer (NO software needed), start your gaming journey.

Great Performance

High sensitivity Wired Controller features of two Vibration feedback motors, two pressure-point triggers, and an 8-way arrow button help players complete control of the gaming world, providing them immersive feeling just like on the battlefield. The guide button in the middle of the wired gamepad brings quick access to your game libraries, music, and digital movies.

Ergonomics Design

The asymmetrical grip and contour design of the joystick perfectly fits your hands, delivering a supper comfy holding. All buttons are very easy to press and won’t hamper your performance. Better more, all buttons respond immediately which ensure fantastic tactile feedback for maximum comfortable gaming experience.


Not support Xbox 360/xbox one/mac/ios/amazon fire tv/amazon fire stick

Packing List

1*USB Wired Controller

Good Quality and Good Service:

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”Free Return” Features:

1.Our product page displays the ”Free Return” service logo, and support the following 16 countries (as shown in the picture below) to provide customers with local return services without reason 15 days after receipt.

2.No Reason Local Return to get a Full Refund: ”Open dispute” in the order, select ”Return Goods”-”Easy Local Return” as the cause of the dispute. If you still don’t know the process, please contact AliExpress buyer customer service or our store customer service!

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Mainland China




Gamepads, For PC game controller

Model Number

Gamepad for PC 210319Sean

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USB vibration gamepad for PC winxp/win7/win10


Wired Joystick for Laptop


Joystick for pc


Gamepad for pc


joystick for computer


control for pc


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