Micro Center embraces woke capitalism by banning single-use plastic bags

If you are a computer builder, there is a good chance you have heard of Micro Center — one of the last major brick-and-mortar computer retailers. You can walk into the store and walk out with things like motherboards, solid state drives, graphics cards, and more. It’s a really cool place to shop.

Unfortunately, starting July 1, you can no longer walk out with your purchased items in a single-use plastic bag — at some Micro Center locations at least. Yes, the company has decided to embrace what some refer to as “woke capitalism” by forcing consumers to either bring their own reusable bag or walk out with their bought goods loose in their arms.

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“Americans use billions of plastic bags each year, and all of them end up as waste in landfills or litter the environment. Micro Center aims to help the planet by nearly eliminating roll plastic bags from all 25 stores. Theout will be in phases, starting with five stores, including Denver, Chicago, Fairfax, Sharonville, and St. Davids,” explains Micro Center.

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Ralph Gilson, Senior Vice President of Operations at Micro Center further says, “We know our customers are used to having plastic bags at checkout, and moving away from them will require some getting used to. We appreciate our customers’ support and understanding during this transition as we focus on doing what’s right for the environment.

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While reducing humanity’s dependence on plastic is definitely a good thing, and I applaud Micro Center’s intentions, I am not sure taking away consumer choice is the correct approach. For instance, many people reuse the “single use” plastic bags for things like bathroom garbage cans. By banning these shopping bags, consumers instead have to buy single-use bags specifically for their bathroom garbage cans — plus a reusable bag for shopping. This arguably creates more waste.

Are you upset that Micro Center is taking away your choice, or is it the correct move to protect our planet? Please tell me in the comments below.

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