I went to my first hi-fi show and now I’m a believer

In the audiophile world of hi-fi products that can cost thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions, young folk are like unicorns. Or maybe baby unicorns. Even professional musicians still locked into teenage angst or twentysomething ennui you’ll often find with low-cost DIY setups, Bandcamp pages, and Soundcloud links. In short, being an audiophile is expensive, and so usually the preserve of an older clientele.

As What Hi-Fi?’s US staff writer and resident 26-year-old unicorn-baby audiophile, hi-fi shows are something of a different ballgame for me. I’ve covered consumer tech and gaming for nearly a decade, traveling to conventions, reporting on the latest announcements from the biggest companies, and even flying across the world to hear about what could be the Next Big Thing, but you haven’t been able to catch me at shows like High End Munich or NAMM. Until now.

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