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Ever since the establishment of the first casino in the Atlantic City of New Jersey in 1978, this state has never been the same again. Literally, it has given the Vegas Strip a run for its money, or is it for its casinos?

Seated strategically on the iconic beachfront boardwalk, Tropicana Atlantic City is an architectural Cuban masterpiece breathing fresh life to New Jersey. From its buzzing casino to the restaurants and impeccable rooms, the thrill in this resort is virtually endless.


Here is a detailed description to show why the Tropicana Atlantic City is the place to be for New Jersey vacationers.

Accommodation In Tropicana Atlantic City

Tropicana Atlantic City is designed to be an entertainment hotspot for all. With a total of 2,047 rooms, this resort can accommodate quite a good number of vacationers at the same time. Also, the large number of rooms means vacationers have a wide range of options to choose from.

The rates charged for different rooms depending on the design and size. Essentially, there is something for everyone arriving at this tourist destination. The hotel is equipped with several smoking rooms, which shows the level of inclusivity the planners of the resort had in mind from the onset.

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Same way, the hotel has small cubicles to host vacationers out there on a solo adventure. Family units are also available for vacationing families. Even in the presence of bars and a casino, it is still a family-friendly destination with multiple activities to keep everyone entertained.

Rooms here go for at least $335, which is quite fair considering how highly this resort is rated. However, these fees apply to the most basic rooms. Vacationers in need of some VIP treatment must be ready to cough out some extra amount. Some properties of VIP rooms include a patio, a safe, and a hot tub.

Most of the rooms have refrigeration facilities allowing vacationers to keep their favorite drinks cold. With the city’s scorching sun, any cooling service comes as a huge reprieve. Also, vacationers enjoy free room service allowing them to order food and drinks from various restaurants and get them delivered to their doorstep.

The Casino

Tropicana is a 200,000-square feet entertainment complex whose buzzing casino is the life of the party. It has been described as the ultimate destination for an endless casino experience.

Previously, Atlantic City was nicknamed the mini-Vegas because of the large number of casinos setting based in the city. Indeed, gaming is the thrill of this exciting city, and vacationers can count on Tropicana to deliver.

The facility has a whole floor dedicated to slot machines. With a total of 2,400 machines, vacationers should expect to have quite a good time here. The wide selection of games available in the resort means vacationers don’t need to spend so much time on boring games. Instead, they can swiftly change from one game to the next without spoiling the thrill. These games are a mixture of classics and modern-day games allowing gamers to have a feel of all ages.

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Besides the slot machines, the casino has 250 square feet of odds board. With a wide selection of table games, vacationers have the luxury to choose what thrills them best. Three Card Poker is one of the few games which doesn’t require any prior experience. The game is easy to learn and a great way to open up one’s mind. It is more of a mind game where gamers study each other’s cards ready to strike when the right time comes.

Other Amenities Available In Tropicana

The Tropicana experience is not limited to the accommodation and the casino options alone. There is a wide range of other amenities that make the facility a good choice for vacationers arriving in New Jersey.

High-End Restaurants

Tropicana Atlantic City is among the best places in New Jersey for vacationers to indulge in exotic dining. Adventurers have a wide variety of dining options to choose from. Some of the top cuisines that tourists must be sure to consider include Chinese, American, Italian, and many more.

Some top Restaurants to watch out for in this resort include Broadway Burger Bar, popular for its burgers and milkshakes. Carmine’s is also a viable option for vacationers seeking to explore the hearty aspects of Southern Italian cuisine.

Sea Spa

Sea Spa is another worthy amenity Tropicana visitors need to embrace. The Sea Spa experience is a must-try thing for first-timers in New Jersey. It is a preserve for the weekends, which is more than enough anyway. This spa facility combines both traditional and holistic approaches to suit the vacationing parties. The spa services are suited for both men and women with distinctive menus for each. Salt therapy is a unique spa experience that vacationers need to embrace more. Salt has the power to detoxify and renew cells, which leads to a much-needed skin glow.

Tropicana Atlantic City is more than just a gaming resort. It has all the features of an ultramodern resort, including multiple eateries, a fitness center, a spa room, and a grooming room. However, vacationers must be ready to spend big to get the best out of Tropicana.

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