GGTOOR, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GTOR) Announces Management Report for the Week Ended July 2, 2022

GGToor, Inc.

THOMASVILLE, GA, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – GGTOOR, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GTOR) (“GGTOOR, Inc.”, “GTOR”, or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the eSports markets, announces registration was strong for this week’s events, most notably Pokemon VGC drawing 373 player registrations, Including 120 first-time registrants, along with a 56% increase in player registrations for the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament!

GGToor will be at the Metaverse Expo 2022 that will be held at the renowned Las Vegas Convention Center next week, and the Company is also hosting an in-person Call of Duty Vanguard event with TCG World, featuring a whopping $30,000 in prizes! From show-stopping entertainment and exhilarating sporting events to the top expos, Las Vegas is where the most influential brands gather. This event, brought to you by TCG World & JPiC, aims to bring together innovative entrepreneurs to connect and interact with industry leaders impacting the Metaverse, Gaming and NFT space. GGToor is excited to be part of the future in the Metaverse, where we are developing an entire city. The GGToor tournament arena will be the central focal point of GGTOORCITY. This one-of holding-a-kind, virtual gaming arena will be capable of 30-live streaming video game tournaments at a time!

The Company anticipates that when fully implemented, GGTOOR TOURNAMENT ARENA will attract thousands of gamers and hundreds of thousands of viewers daily. Construction will begin August 2022 and the Company expects the ARENA to be fully operational in 2023. GGTOOR TOURNAMENT ARENA will stand as testament to the core values ​​that GGTOOR was founded under, which is to provide gamers around the world with a diversity of gaming options while offering players the opportunity to win cash and prizes.

This week’s Smash Ultimate event was a colossal clash of the titans! The viewers witness some incredible break-out runs from first time Weekly Workout competitors such as Amity, Gamese, and especially Sap1ens, who managed to take down Anality, one of the best online smash players in the world! This was one of the biggest statistical upsets we have ever seen in the Workout event, and Sap1ens rode that wave all the way to 4th place with wins on rapiD, Danye, and Ace$. Gamase, another one of the fresh players, made a very impressive run in the first stage using only Diddy Kong and not dropping a single game until he entered top 16. He would then fall to the juggernaut of the workout series, JaZaR, in round 1 of top 16. Undeterred, Gamase eventually switched to Cloud in the lower bracket and claimed victory after victory to earn a rematch with JaZaR. JaZaR, typically mailing Dr. Mario and Lucas, surprised the entire audience when he decided to play Pichu for games 1 and 2 of this best of 5 Grand Finals. After losing both of those games with Pichu, JaZaR swapped to his favorite Dr. Mario and pulled off the reverse-sweep to take the crown!

This weekend’s Duel Links Showdown was the first big Duel Links tournament featuring the new box, Shining Sunrise! This box was a treat for many as it contained support for the fan-favorite HERO archetype, as well as some funny, niche archetypes like Super Quants. We actually saw a popular Duel Links streamer, Steven Freshy, put on a decent show with his Power-Ranger-themed Super Quant deck, before getting knocked out of the tournament by strong meta decks. Players wostis and J0 had better luck with their HERO decks, both making Top 32 and generating a lot of hype on stream whenever they got off their ace cards: “Evil HERO Malicious Bane”, and “Super Polymerization.” When the dust settled we saw these new decks fell to meta powerhouse decks of the prior meta and come to a D/D/D mirror match between Davide Magri and Terrific, and after splitting the first two games, Davide took game 3 to win it all!

Pokemon TCG Online, the Grand Finals of this week’s Gaard Gauntlet event was a fun set to watch, with Henrique on Turbo Palkia against Caitlin running Arceus Inteleon! In game one, Henrique went first, and despite the fact that Caitlyn only had one Pokemon on her bench, Henrique was able to bump collapsed stadium with Pumpkaboo and fill his bench, and then with the help of a zigzagoon ping and belt, he managed to OHKO Caitlyn’s only Arceus. When Henrique was able to Boss the second Arceus on the next turn for another KO, the competitors quickly moved to game two. Game two, Caitlyn went first and had a much better opener with two Arceus and one Sobble in play on turn one, and then scored the first KO on the opponent’s Diancie. The players traded blows as the match progressed, and late in the game we found the board state with a full health Arceus Vstar as Caitlyn’s sole remaining Pokemon. Its chunky health total made it able to survive a hit and best Palkia in a slugfest to win game two! For the final game of the match, Caitlyn wasn’t able to get down an Arceus turn one, and started Starmie and a level ball, and calling for more Sobbles; Caitlyn soon found herself down by three prizes before she was able to get down her first Arceus. Henrique pressed the advantage and closed out the game, scoring a rare shutout – denying Caitlyn from taking even a single prize!

GGToor is pleased with our involvement with TCG World Metaverse, which contains 100,000 plots of virtual land. Each section represents a region, and each region will have cities within them with virtual land scattered all around. As you can see, our map will be incredibly large! In fact, it will be 800km² in area size! The Company wanted to provide you with an experience of exploration as well as entertainment. Now is the time to claim your piece of the Metaverse. Our team of Commercial Property Experts, Justin Del Giudice can be contacted at:, Andre Allen can be contacted at or Tyler Wilke at:

Want to participate? Find the plan that best suits you! You can choose between the Bronze Plan, Gold Plan, and Diamond Plan: . If you want to bring your team or friends to, or be a Tournament Organizer, we can support you and help you grow; you can reach a worldwide audience of similar-minded individuals that like to compete and have fun! You can be sure that is here to grow with you. Just follow the link to sign up as an organizer If you have any questions about our events visit our socials; Discord twitch Facebook

If your organization would like to be part of this growth and work with Shadow Gaming, contact us at

About GTOR

GGTOOR, Inc., is engaged in the business of eSports. The Company is aggressively entering the Metaverse by having purchased enough virtual land, 2,144 parcels, to form its own virtual city that will be called GGTOORCITY. The Company has held over two hundred twenty video game tournaments and has given away over $100,000 in cash and prizes. is continually being customized and upgraded, with the goal of becoming one of the most comprehensive gaming portals in the world. The Company is now accepting subscriptions from players, gamers, and tournament organizers. To register logon to .

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