CS:GO Player Adds Recoil To Their PC, Destroying Monitor

Have you ever been playing a first-person shooter on PC and thought the stillness of the mouse was ruining the experience? Perhaps you want a more immersive experience where every gunshot creates an actual recoil in your hand. Well, that is exactly what one player modded their PC to do. A video on TikTok shows off how one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player added actual recoil to their PC giving every in-game shot a real-world reaction. Unfortunately, there is a reason PCs don’t violently recoil when playing a game as this modification led to some damaging results.

Over on TikTok, user lamicall_official_ uploaded a quick 9-second video of them adding recoil to their mouse. While the short video doesn’t go into much detail on how they managed to incorporate the recoil action, it does show the disastrous results. As a couple of different guns are used to show off the different recoil responses, the poor monitor takes quite a beating.


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As they start a round of CS: GO with a heavy machine gun, every shot bounces the monitor across the desk. Next up, what appears to be a shotgun blast recoils so violently that it breaks the monitor apart. However, it is the sniper shot near the end of the video that seems to get the biggest recoil reaction. With a single shot, the monitor recoils high in the air and lands, breaking apart slightly. While each gun offers a different vibration, each one is hazardous to the poor monitor.

While a violent, and potentially equipment-breaking, recoil may not seem like the best addition to a video game, the comments for the video show that some players would enjoy such a feature. Several of the comments are in awe of the added motion and admit to wanting to give it a try, even after seeing the results on the monitor. I mean, while it may not be the safest addition for your PC setup, it would make games like CS: GO more immersive.

So, if you have been toying with the idea of ​​adding a more realistic recoil action to your own gaming setup, perhaps give this video a watch before pulling the trigger.

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