Cloud Gaming to Create Strong Opportunities for Telcos in

LONDON, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — E-gaming providers are revamping their cloud gaming subscriptions, expanding their gaming portfolio, and making their games available across more platforms. All that is required for cloud gaming is a subscription, a smartphone, TV, or laptop, and an internet connection. Telcos are well positioned to take advantage of the cloud computing market. Telcos can provide the connectivity to end-users to support cloud gaming and the network infrastructure such as data centers for cloud gaming providers.

The Europe E-gaming Market Research Report offered by GlobalData Plc highlights the latest developments among a selection of global e-gaming and entertainment companies. It also explores telco e-gaming and esports value propositions and provides a list detailing examples of telcos’ e-gaming and esports activities and offers in Europe.

Key Europe Egaming Market Trends

One key trend in the e-gaming and esports market includes increased accessibility of e-gaming with free-to-play gaming models, mobile gaming, and cloud gaming solutions. The free-to-play (F2P) model has accelerated the adoption of video games and microtransactions have changed the economy of games. On-the-go gaming is growing on the back of the availability of high-performance mobile devices, irrespective of the price tag. More powerful devices with extended battery life coupled with 5G speeds paint a gaming future-oriented towards mobile. Furthermore, AR/VR technology is in focus as gamers demand more immersive experiences, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Cloud gaming and streaming are transforming the gaming market as Netflix did for streaming movies. Metaverse-like games can provide an immersive and interactive gaming experience with a virtual environment where players can interact with each other and customize their spaces

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Key Findings in the Europe Egaming Market

As fundamentally connectivity providers, European telcos can leverage e-gaming services to upsell/cross-sell customers and incentivize service bundling. For example, both SFR and Telekom Slovenije made cloud gaming available on their TV platforms, which further promotes their fixed and TV bundled services.

Telcos can provide the network infrastructure and data center capacity, and edge computing solutions, to host cloud gaming closer to the end-user, lowering latency and improving the gaming experience.

For more insights on the Europe Egaming market, download a free report sample

Europe Egaming Market Report Scope

  • Overview of e-gaming at a global level and analysis of the e-gaming value chain and key trends. This section also analyzes the latest developments in the cloud gaming market and provides an overview of a large selection of cloud gaming value propositions from technology companies and gaming providers.
  • Outlines ten telco e-gaming & esports value proposition strategies and provides examples of telcos’ current activity in the e-gaming & esports space.
  • Analyzes the e-gaming & esports value propositions, business models, and strategies of four telecom operators in Europe.
  • A number of key findings and a set of recommendations for e-gaming stakeholders, including telecom service providers are also provided.

Reasons to Buy

  • This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination of the E-gaming value chain and business models. It helps executives fully understand the ecosystem, market dynamics, and latest developments. It helps telecom decision-makers determine key e-gaming (including cloud gaming) positioning strategies, formulate effective product development plans, and return on investments.
  • Four telco case studies from Europe illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights into different telco e-gaming value propositions in the region, including services, monetization approaches, and partnerships. This will help telecom executives craft adapted e-gaming strategies to unlock new revenue streams.
  • The report discusses concrete opportunities in the e-gaming market, providing several actionable recommendations for e-gaming ecosystem participants, including telecom service providers.

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