DeepMind’s new AI can perform over 600 tasks, from playing games to controlling robots – TechCrunch

The ultimate achievement to some in the AI ​​industry is creating a system with artificial general intelligence (AGI), or the ability to understand and learn any task that a human can. Long relegated to the domain of science fiction, it’s been suggested that AGI would bring about systems with the ability to reason, plan, learn, … Read more

NFL reaffirms it knows how to fire up the hypo machine by putting Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle up first

The feat of promotional sleight of hand performed by the NFL regarding its scheduling rollout Thursday once again leaves me in awe. Somehow, they have managed to take a slate of 17 games for which the opponent and even the site was already known, and fostered a feverish anticipation for its revelation of the date. … Read more

PNY Introduces XLR8 Gaming MicroSD Flash Memory Cards for Mobile Devices and Handheld Game Consoles

(excerpt from press release) Mérignac (France), May 12, 2022 – PNY Technologies, an international provider of electronic accessories and data storage solutions, announces the launch of the XLR8 Gaming line of microSD flash memory cards rated for V30 video speed and A2 application performance. They expand the company’s range of microSD cards and gaming solutions. … Read more

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Q1 Revenue Down 35% – European Gaming Industry News

Reading time: 2 minutes Content and esports brand, Penta Esports aims to lead and develop grassroot esports by providing opportunities to aspiring esports athletes. The brand’s first initiative towards this, the Penta Amateur League, exclusively for amateur and semi-professional players, recorded a successful first season garnering more than 7.6 lakh viewership, with an overall watchtime … Read more