Best Perks & Equipment For Meta Loadouts

Here are the best perks and equipment you should be using in your Warzone Season 3 loadouts for Caldera and Rebirth Island!

Warzone players want every advantage they can get to leave Caldera or Rebirth Island victorious. However, many players neglect two very important parts of their loadouts.

Of course, we are talking about Perks and Equipment. While they may not be as exciting as guns, they can be the difference between life and death a lot of the time.

Luckily, we’ve got all of the best Perks and Equipment you need for your Warzone Loadouts.

But before you pick your Perks, make sure you know every meta weapon loadout in Warzone Season 3!

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Best Perks in Warzone Season 3

Perk 1

There are three different options that players should consider picking as their Perk 1.

firstly, Quick Fix isn’t very popular but it actually has the highest win rate of any Perk 1. It is great for aggressive players as it lets you heal as soon as you start plating up, letting you get back into the action quicker.

Alternatively, Cold-Blooded is a great option as it lets you counter the overpowered ‘wall hacks’ of Combat Scout.

Double Time is also a popular choice but isn’t quite as effective as the other two. Even if it lets you Tac Spring for longer, it probably isn’t worth using over the other two good options.

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Warzone Pacific Cold Blooded Perk


Perk 2

If you aren’t using Overkill to get two primary weapons, then Tempered is a great option. This helps you armor up more efficiently and save your plates.

Although, many players have been using Restock to get more equipment. This can be extremely powerful if you use this in conjunction with the best equipment in Warzone – but more on that later!

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Warzone Tempered Perk


Perk 3

Finally, you’ve got another choice to make with the best Perk 3 in Warzone.

Many players use Amped as it lets you swap weapons much quicker. This is perfect if you plan on using any of the best Sniper loadouts in Warzone Season 3.

However, Combat Scout is a powerful Perk that lets you easily spot enemies through walls and can be even more useful depending on your play style.

Check out our Warzone Combat Scout Perk guide for more information!

Warzone Pacific Combat Scout Perk


Best Equipment in Warzone Season 3


For your Lethal equipment, you should consider the Throwing Knife or Semtex. Semtex will be the best option for most players, but if you are chasing kills then the Throwing Knife lets you eliminate downed enemies immediately.

Here’s how to use the amazing Throwing Knife strategy in Warzone.

Warzone Semtex



There are two great Tacticals to pick from in Warzone right now.

If you’re an aggressive player, we recommend the Stim as it lets you heal faster or it can help you make unpredictable flanks in the gas.

In fact, the Stim is so powerful that players are asking for it to be nerfed!

Although, if you prefer to take things slow in Warzone then the Snapshot Grenade is the tactical for you. This is because it lets you highlight enemies through walls!

And those are the best Perks and Equipment you need in your Warzone Season 3 loadouts! However, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best weapons too!

Meta Warzone Season 3 Loadouts:

Also, make sure to watch JGOD’s video for some more in-depth information about these powerful Perks and Equipment!

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