Arcades in Austin with classic video games, like Cidercade, Pinballz

It’s Raiden Fighters, Time Crisis and Captain America and The Avengers, for me. That’s right: We’re talking about favorite arcade games.

For a certain generation, video game arcades are a hallmark of an era that’s now decades gone by. Maybe you were a kid who lived for the days you got to hold a sweaty lil’ fistful of quarters; maybe you were the parent taking that kid to spend your paycheck in the form of those quarters.

But the arcade isn’t dead. Here’s where to go to find joysticks and smash combos in Austin and Central Texas.

There are about 150 different arcade games at Cidercade by the lake.


One of the newer arrivals on the scene, you cannot fault lakefront fun palace Cidercade for much. The model is a dream for game lovers: Pay $10 for a day pass and play all the games you want. They’ve got lots of classic games, plus a hefty selection of pinball machines. (The Deadpool one is big fun.) Oh, and the name: They serve many different kinds of hard cider. And the pizza’s not bad, either. For the old fogeys, yes, this used to be Joe’s Crab Shack.

Address: 600 E. Riverside Drive

Arcade UFO

Billing itself as Austin’s premiere Japanese-style game center, Arcade UFO has been around since 2008. It’s a familiar site to University of Texas students traipsing around the North Campus area. Arcade UFO specializes in fighting and music games. Get into some Marvel vs. Capcom 2, some Sega Tetris, maybe In the Groove 2.

Address: 3101 Speedway


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