3 Important 2022 Online Casino Gaming Trends That Cannot Be Ignored

From new regulations, new styles of play, new kind of betting everywhere from bookmakers in Ireland to slot machine games in South Africa, the new trends are affecting and largely improving the player experience

With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into the world of online casino trends that you can expect to see this year and in the future.

Blockchain Gaming

One of the most exciting developments in online gaming is the emergence of the blockchain. In case you don’t know, a blockchain is how cryptocurrency transactions are conducted, and thanks to the nature of the blockchain, a whole new untapped potential is possible.

It is not just transactions that can run on the blockchain but other information such as contracts and agreements. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain also provide more anonymity than fiat currency transactions and this privacy element appeals to players. It can also be used to verify that the games are fair and comply with online gaming standards.

The blockchain and crypto are already being utilized in the gaming world. Sandbox games in particular are generating their own currency which is traded daily on crypto exchanges.

In 2022 we’ll witness the birth of the blockchain in online casino play. Its first iteration will be unrecognizable within 12 months such is the pace of change. Different cryptocurrencies are developing blockchains that can transact as fast as Visa which is the network that fiat currency transacts on at the moment.

Ripple, with its XRP coin, can match Visa in terms of transaction speed. As online gaming adopts crypto, we may well see both online gaming and the crypto industry benefit from the amalgamation.

Sports Betting and Sports Themed Games Set to Rise

There can be no denying that sports themed games and sports betting is growing in popularity at pace. Sports stars are signing deals to use their likeness on sports themed video slots. Online casino play and sports betting on the same site are now possible, and these two things are combining to make sports betting hugely popular.

You can bet on your favorite soccer team or NBA match or both while playing poker. As the games unfold you can do your in play between hands.

Meanwhile, the video slot machines that are sports themed increase with every major tournament played. And this year is the Qatar World Cup. We all know what’s coming down the track.

The Rise of First Person Games

If you’re a fan of video games you’ve no doubt played a few first person shooters. Here, the world is presented to you through your eyes. Instead of running around the world with a submachine gun, in an online casino, you’re seeing the games through your eyes.

This novel way of playing is to facilitate an ever popular part of gaming and that is virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Like most in vogue technology, it is developing fast and as online casino play has pushed technology forward for many years, you can expect to see more graphically real first person and VR offerings going forward.

Enjoy the trends that are going to take online gaming to a the next level.

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